Personal Hygiene Habits for the Workplace

Workplace hygiene has never been more relevant, or indeed more important than it is today. Since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, each one of us has been forced to realign our views on our personal hygiene, as well as our supply of cleaning products! This emphasis on paying close attention personal hygiene has had a dramatic effect on our ability to tackle the spread of Coronavirus. Over the course of the past year, we have all grown accustomed to regularly sanitizing our hands, maintaining social distancing and thoroughly disinfecting surfaces.

Why is Personal Hygiene Important in the Workplace?

Every workplace is different, however one thing which remains common to all workplaces is how important it is to keep hygiene standards to an impeccable level. With many of us now gradually returning to work it is important that we all play our part regarding the maintenance of hygiene in the workplace. For instance, commonly used such as door handles, tables, kitchen surfaces and desks should be consistently disinfected. As well as this, it is important not to forget about personal items such as mobile phones, laptops or keyboards which should also be cleaned and disinfected. Failure to do so could result in the spread of disease among the workforce, which in turn can impact the productivity of your business, as well as putting your staff at risk.

How can I improve hygiene in the workplace?

Cleaning a work surface may appear like a simple task, however ensuring it is carried out as effectively as possible is hugely important. For instance, once you have applied disinfectant to a surface area, for instance a desk or kitchen surface, it is important to not wipe away the disinfectant immediately. In order to work effectively, many cleaning products require being left alone for a minute or two in order to kill any bacteria which may be lingering on the surface.   

Another useful hygiene habit in the workplace is to ensure that your premises remains consistently stocked with cleaning products. In order to do this, it is important to regularly check the stock levels of necessary cleaning products and supplies. Basic cleaning products such as hand wipes, toilet tissue, hand sanitizer, kitchen towel, disinfectant and soap should always be readily available to staff. Failure to provide these cleaning products will automatically lower the hygiene standards of your business.

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